3 Must-See Places Just Outside of Melbourne

Melbourne’s CBD is a busy hub of culture and non-stop excitement, but if you’re looking to experience a different side to Victoria without straying too far from the city, we have you covered. From beaches to wineries to penguin parades, here’s our top three picks for day trips and weekends away near Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is the gateway to some of Victoria’s most beautiful beaches, not to mention famous attractions such as the 12 Apostles. If you find yourself in Melbourne in the summer time – or on a particularly warm Autumn or Spring day – this is a truly remarkable day trip you won’t regret doing. While a car trip from the CBD will take you roughly 2.5 hours, there is so much to do here that a weekend trip is recommended. Eat delicious food at one of the many local eateries, stroll along the pristine beaches and enjoy the laid-back coastal life to really experience what this destination has to offer. 

Yarra Valley

Calling all wine lovers – if the Yarra Valley isn’t already on your radar, you might want to make sure it’s working correctly. This gorgeous region is famous for producing some of Australia’s best wine, so it’s the perfect place to indulge in a winery tour or five. Home to some of the state’s most stunning scenery, this is the perfect location to relax and unwind. Not only is it a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, but there are more than enough places to spend your day eating, drinking and exploring as well. Just an hour out of the city, it’s perfect for both a day trip or for a weekend escape. 

Phillip Island

This is one of Melbourne’s hottest areas to visit, with 3 million people making their way down to Phillip Island every year. But there’s a reason it’s so popular, and we can sum it up in three words: beaches, cars and penguins. Confused? Let us explain. Phillip Island is coastal and offers some truly incredible views, especially if you visit the famous Nobbies boardwalk. As for cars, it’s any motor-heads’ dream, as every October the region transforms into Grand Prix mania, with the event being held not too far from the centre of town. Oh and penguins, you ask? This is Phillip Island’s famous tourist attraction, as you have the chance to get up close and personal as adorable penguins make their way from the beach to their shelters each night. What can we say – it has something for everybody!

3 Free Things to Do While You’re in Melbourne

Melbourne is an incredible city filled with delicious food, diverse culture and excitement at every turn – but what’s a tourist to do when they don’t have any money to spend? Plenty of things, as it turns out. So put your wallets away and read on, because we’ve got four awesome ways to explore this city that won’t cost you a cent.

Free walking tours

Walking tours are a terrific way to see a new place, as it allows you to really get amongst the culture and see everything up close. But just because you haven’t got any cash to throw around, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. ‘I’m Free Tours’, as you might be able to tell by the name, provides free walking tours of Melbourne everyday from 10.30am – 2.30pm. That’s three solid hours of making your way through all the quirky lanes, artsy spots and historical landmarks that your feet can handle.

Spend an afternoon in the Botanical Gardens 

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Melbourne on a dry, sunny day, we recommend that you make the most of it and head to the beautiful Botanical Gardens. It’s not hard to get lost in this lush paradise or enjoy a few hours exploring with some fellow travellers. For a truly relaxing time, bring a packed lunch and sit on the grass watching the world go by.

Indulge your artsy side at the National Gallery of Victoria

If you’re the type of tourist who likes to stroll through galleries in every city you visit, this one is for you. The National Gallery of Victoria has a permanent collection of artwork that will cost you nothing at all to get into. Depending on your luck, you might even find yourself there on a day when one of their exhibitions are free as well. At the very least, you’ll be able to explore the world’s first major collection dedicated to Australian art – how’s that for a cultural experience?

Getting to, from & around Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Airport Shuttle Service.

Located 19kms north-west of Melbourne’s CBD you will find the city’s main airport, Tullamarine. With a variety of different transport options, the airport provides simple ways of getting to and from the city once your flight has landed.

Transiting via public transport from the airport to the CBD is a nightmare, the cleanest and most comfortable way to trek back and forth is through a Melbourne airport shuttle bus service, such as Stream Shuttle. Stream Shuttle operates a fleet of budget airport shuttle buses that transport travelers between 6am & 10pm, 7 days a week, with departures every hour. The frequency of this Melbourne airport shuttle service, alongside the ability to drop you off at the location of your choice allows travelers the best possible convenience when travelling from the Melbourne Airport to the CBD.

This airport shuttle service in Melbourne generally takes 45 minutes, but can be subject to change depending on traffic conditions. In the grand scheme of things, this is a great travel time especially for the budget pricing that Stream Shuttle offers. Reservations are very easy to organize as the airport shuttle vans that Stream Shuttle provide can be reserved for one-way, or round trip transportation using their secure online reservation system.

Stream Shuttle offers a fantastic door to door service allowing each and every traveler to transfer from Melbourne Airport to their hotel or from door-to-door. Having the ability to travel door-to-door via the airport shuttle is an excellent option as it removes the stress of organizing your transfers. Because we all know the hassle it can be to coordinate friends or family to pick you up.

So save yourself some time on your journey interstate or internationally, and choose the Stream Shuttle for the best Melbourne Airport shuttle service. You can rest easy knowing you have the best deal on price & service.

5 Things to do in Melbourne.

Recommended by your favourite airport shuttle, Stream Shuttle.

As Melbourne slowly but surely makes it way to becoming a 24-hour city, there’s always going to be something to do that’ll entertain you during your stop-over, holiday or to occupy your days off.

With our service allowing you to be dropped conveniently at a destination of your choice, Stream Shuttle can help coordinate your day or night out. So without further ado, here’s our 5 favourite things to do in Melbourne.

#1 See a New View of Melbourne at The Hills Rooftop Bar

This gorgeous little setting isn’t a far-off destination, needing only a short stroll down La Trobe Street & a journey up a few flights of stairs. If the weather allows, you’ll find yourself atop an old complex situated above a theatre and a bar.

The decor of The Hills is a little crafty, with furniture made from apple crates, picnic tables & lounge chairs. This is perfect match for the quaint atmosphere it offers, pair that with the 360 degree view of the city and you’re sure to find the peace and quiet you need in the heart of the CBD.

#2 Take a Punt in the Royal Botanic Gardens

If nature is more your thing, then you can’t beat a relaxing boat ride through the Royal Botanic Gardens. This one is perfect for the couple’s holiday as they have a minimum two adult booking in place. It’s hard to describe the beauty, but we can guarantee it’s one you need to experience.

From $50aud you can take a private boat ride throughout Ornamental Lake situated right within the Royal Botanic Gardens. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, needed some downtime or just want to relax, then the serene boat ride will be ideal for you.

#3 Put the World at your Feet with the Eureka Skydeck

If you’re afraid of heights, then this one might not be for you, however it could also be the perfect place to face your fears. Eureka Skydeck is the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere and it lives up to that expectation. Up on the 88th floor you’ve find a spectacular view of the City of Melbourne plus a special viewing deck with glass floor, which is the ideal place to put everything in perspective.

If experiencing grand heights isn’t your thing, then you can head one floor up and be treated an incredible dining experience provided by the team on the top floor of the Eureka Tower.

#4 Experience the History of the Cocktail

Looking for something a bit more extravagant? Well then go no further than 1806 Bar. Named after the year that “Defined the Cocktail”. With an excellent attention to detail, the staff and venue put on a fantastic display for all the senses. Having won the award “The World’s Best Cocktail Menu”, you know you’ll be in the right hands.

Located up on 169 Exhibition St, you’ll enter in to a piece of history. With a menu sorted by era, you can enjoy a variety of cocktails sure to tantalise your tastebuds paired exceptionally well with their snacks & sharing plates. So for a bit of a history lesson, head no further.

#5 Leave your Comfort Zone and Enter the Paranormal

You may believe in the existence of ghosts, or you may not, but not all of that matters considering how far your imagination can go when in unfamiliar places. This may just be coincidence, but upon joining in on the Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour, you could find yourself more anxious and the hairs on your neck may stand up further than usual. This is a normal reaction to being placed in one of Australia’s oldest and most famous ghost tours.

Taking place within dark lanes and spooky sites, you’ll discover a lot of dark secrets behind the cultural capital that is Melbourne. So if you’ve got some time, twenty dollars and a spare Saturday night, then take the Haunted Melbourne ghost tour and find out how far your imagination can haunt you.

Stay safe with our travel tips

Traveling and staying safe doesn’t need to be complicated. Often, it’s a matter of using common sense and being aware of your surroundings. Here are some of our tips to ensure your trip is memorable for the right reasons.

Learn about your transportation company in advance

Just like you research your air carrier before buying tickets, when choosing airport transportation in a new city, do your homework and find a reputable company. There are many sites online that rate products and services, so take a look at those before making a choice.

Make a copy of your passport

Your passport is critical when traveling internationally, so ensure you have a copy. Scan it and e-mail it to yourself, or take a photo of it with your mobile phone, then print it off as well. When the actual article is secured in your hotel safe, you’ll still have access to your information and replacing it will be simpler in case it is lost or stolen.

Keep your valuables safe

Secure your laptop with a lock to deter theft and choose clothing that has discreet compartments to carry cash, a bank card, and other essential items you can’t afford to lose or have stolen. Special travel pants with hidden zippered pockets and travel pouches worn under your jacket are good options.

Throw thieves off the scent

It may seem over the top, but consider carrying a “decoy” wallet. When traveling internationally in areas known for higher crime rates, an old wallet stashed with a small amount of cash, some old IDs, and an expired credit card is less of a hassle to hand over or have pick pocketed than the real thing.

Employ a little common sense

Generally, most places in the world have similar things to look out for, especially in the big cities. Staying safe in your home city usually requires trusting your instincts and just because you are in a foreign country, you aren’t a sucker. The same rules around being wary of people who don’t make you feel right apply. Trust your intuition and you should be   fine.

Top three reasons to use the shuttle over a private car to get to the airport

When you need to travel to and from the airport, there is no shortage of options out there for you. Private car hire tends to be the most popular form of transport due to the perception that it gives you more freedom and flexibility. This may be true in certain regards, however there are also a lot of responsibilities and possible liabilities that also come with this option, which is something most people don’t stop to consider. This is a large part of the reasoning behind the recent shift in popularity towards airport shuttle services.

Since air travel by itself is already stressful enough, it’s easy to understand why customers would like the rest of their journey to be as peaceful and stress free as possible. A shuttle bus makes getting from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa, as stress free as possible, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Here are a few more reasons why airport shuttle services could be your best option to get to and from the airport.

The driver already knows the way

If you decide to choose a car rental instead of a shuttle, chances are you may get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, especially if you are a first-time visitor. Also, after a long flight chances are you will be feeling tired and maybe even a little bit disorientated, depending on how long your flight was. This cannot only be an annoyance, but could also contribute to a serious crash or incident, which could have been avoided. If you really want to avoid any unsafe situations or hassles, you’re best of taking a shuttle.

The price of petrol isn’t getting any lower

Petrol is expensive no matter where you go and one you will struggle to avoid. One of the biggest drawbacks of this option is that the initial fee is not where the expenditures end; you are still going to have to pay for excessive amounts of fuel. You are also expected to fill the tank of the vehicle when you hand it back over, which is just another reason to choose an airport shuttle.

Keep calm, you’re on holiday

Let’s face it driving can be frustrating and stressful. Exactly the feelings you don’t want when jetting off to a new locale. With a shuttle, you can simply sit back, plug in your earphones, and enjoy the ride whilst your driver does all the hard work for you.