Traveling and staying safe doesn’t need to be complicated. Often, it’s a matter of using common sense and being aware of your surroundings. Here are some of our tips to ensure your trip is memorable for the right reasons.

Learn about your transportation company in advance

Just like you research your air carrier before buying tickets, when choosing airport transportation in a new city, do your homework and find a reputable company. There are many sites online that rate products and services, so take a look at those before making a choice.

Make a copy of your passport

Your passport is critical when traveling internationally, so ensure you have a copy. Scan it and e-mail it to yourself, or take a photo of it with your mobile phone, then print it off as well. When the actual article is secured in your hotel safe, you’ll still have access to your information and replacing it will be simpler in case it is lost or stolen.

Keep your valuables safe

Secure your laptop with a lock to deter theft and choose clothing that has discreet compartments to carry cash, a bank card, and other essential items you can’t afford to lose or have stolen. Special travel pants with hidden zippered pockets and travel pouches worn under your jacket are good options.

Throw thieves off the scent

It may seem over the top, but consider carrying a “decoy” wallet. When traveling internationally in areas known for higher crime rates, an old wallet stashed with a small amount of cash, some old IDs, and an expired credit card is less of a hassle to hand over or have pick pocketed than the real thing.

Employ a little common sense

Generally, most places in the world have similar things to look out for, especially in the big cities. Staying safe in your home city usually requires trusting your instincts and just because you are in a foreign country, you aren’t a sucker. The same rules around being wary of people who don’t make you feel right apply. Trust your intuition and you should be   fine.

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